text_sim.eng of sheepphoto

In Rokkasho-mura Aomori, there is a facility called “mini earth”.
It is an artificial ecological system in which two men called “econauts” live by raising the plants to make oxygen and water and nutriments circulate within the isolated space.

Viewed from one side cold ---- observing the world structurally from the outside.
Viewed from another side worm ---- seeing the world tangibly from the inside.
In this world, two viewpoints are crossing each other symbolically separated by a wall.

I go back and forth between these viewpoints to take pictures.
If I move swiftly and freely between points of views,I can create freer and richer tale.
In a simulated world, the rice harvest becomes actual,man picks them for real.
It may be nostalgic scene that we have not seen yet -----
A mixture of the world of future and actions that human beings have done since ancient